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China Rail Tours 1996 and 2002
180 min and 136 min
Double DVD set R250.00
Product code: VU2
Double DVD - R250.00

This double feature, the first of which was filmed by Jean Dulez, and covers an enthusiasts' steam tour during March 1996, at a time when remaining main line steam in the North East was starting to be phased out by China Rail. The motive power comprises main line QY class 2-10-2s and JS class 2-8-2s, SY industrial class 2-8-2 and a narrow gauge 0-8-0; there are also scenes within the towns and cities and of human activity at the various locations, as well as passing sequences of regular main line diesel trains.

The locations comprise Chengde (main line and steelworks branch); Yebaishou; Chaoyang; Tonghua; Changchun; Harbin; Nancha; Yichun; Xilin narrow gauge; Yichun. Some of the localities feature late winter snow scenes.

The second programme, filmed some years later during mid winter 2002 by Trevor Staats, covers the entire Jing Peng pass line (situated on the main Tongliao to Jining link, Inner Mongolia) prior to the time this also succumbed to dieselisation, a short number of years later. This was the final hold out of (provincial) main line steam in China, mostly comprising double headed QJ freight train action over the horseshoes and viaducts of this amazing section of railway.

Twin Steel Through Asia Part 1 1987-1993
The Last of Regular Steam in India & Pakistan
Product code: VU16
Single DVD - R150.00

This 3hr 15min programme covers the twilight of regular steam in both countries. There is comprehensive coverage in various locations for narrow, metre and broad gauge trains, filmed by Roy Laverick and Peter Strudwicke.

This programme features the following by way of the final remaining regular steam operations:

India 1998 - Darjeeling railway
Ootacamund rack railway
Dabhoi narrow gauge railway

Pakistan 1990: Malakwal

Pakistan 1987: narrow gauge lines

India/Pakistan 1986 shorts

Pakistan 1993: Mirpur Khas & Kotri junction
Changa- Manga

India 1993: Jullindur BG
Burdwan narrow gauge
Jaipur narrow gauge

India 1994 final review

Pakistan 1991 final review

All the classic types of narrow, metre and broad gauge steam locomotives are featured.

Twin Steel Through Asia Part 2 2002-2016
The Last of Regular Steam in China & Recent Thailand
Product code: VU17
Single DVD - R150.00

This 2hr 10min programme covers the twilight of regular steam in China, which effectively ended two years later, some modern traction shown as well. The Thailand portion shows preserved steam in Bangkok and a trip to River Kwaai.

This programme features the following by way of these regular and preserved steam operations:

China November 2002
Classes QJ, JS, SY and NG steam types
Chengde Daban depot
Jing Peng Pass Hauluku
Weihe narrow gauge Handan steelworks
Chinese Modern Traction, Shijiazhuang to Guangzhou main line

Thailand 2011-2016 Reviews
Bangkok Thonburri Depot
Japanese built preserved Pacifics, Nos 824 and 850 in service.
Diesel classes AC24C, UN12C, CM22-7i
Kwaai River diesel trip and Namtok.